Mr. Kim: For the last 4.5 billion years, the sun has come to us very morning for 365 days.
Mr. Lee: Then what remains in your memory?
Mr. Kim: Fear, fear that my body will break into little pieces.
Mr. Lee: Did you always fight with others because of your fear?
Mr. Kim: But they always left very suddenly.
Mr. Lee: You don't seem to think things through. If you think things through, the world will become more interesting. Of course...questions often arise that makes you worry.
Mr. Kim: I don't know why I always forget what made me afraid in the first place.
Mr. Lee: It may be because your fear was too great.
Mr. Kim: I remember things disappearing suddenly without warning, and sometimes helplessly seeing them disappear right in front of my eyes.
Mr. Lee: Do you need help?
Mr. Kim: Absolutely.
Mr. Lee: It's not that time flies. It's not that you and I need to be friends forever. However, we must not forget to remind each other that we share the same memory.
( pause )
Mr. Kim: I will understand even if you fall from the tenth window for the tenth time. Your funeral is the day after tomorrow.
Mr. Lee: Crossing each other does not mean that we get further away from each other. A poet once remarked that when two trains cross each other under the bridge, he found the two speeds come to a standstill.
Mr. Kim: Yes, when I went to Busan for the first time in 20 years to find you, you were on your way to Seoul. There was certainly a moment that we crossed each other. I feel much easy now.
The train was running and we were on our way.
Mr. Lee: I'm glad that the poet's mind and your mind were at a standstill for a moment.
Mr. Kim: Even though you fully explain the details of the circumstance, somehow another person may break you into pieces
Mr. Lee: Even though time flies...

Translation from Korean: Cho Seong Eun