Retro-Massmedia Shockwaves

Hans Bernhard
Novi Sad, January 26th 2008, 17:30 -18:00

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Embeded Journalism vs. Self-organized Multitude of Observation. The current conflict situation in Kenya reflects once again a critical point in our retro-mass media society. The information from inside the country is not valid, the information going to the "world" is twisted to perversion through embedded journalism, dubious sources and combustion point monitoring. The conflict existed before and will exist after the mass media storm, the bloodshet happens within very limited boundaries is mapped on top of the country as a whole - and then broadcast to the world under the assumption of mass media without information. This problem is contraindicated and reflected through the project SLUM-TV - a counter-headlining empowerment of cultural selforganization. SLUM-TV documents the lives of the people in Mathare (500.000 people slum in Nairobi) and reevaluates these lives and their surroundings through the eye of the camera. The local partners film and document their own existence and the social, political and military aspects of living inside such a melting pot. The small movies (newsreels) are put together and broadcast in public places exclusively inside Mathare, reaching the local audience through a variety of self-established cinemas (pirate cinemas reaching very large audiences). Published online, the newsreels plus written reports reach the global audience. The presentation will briefly introduce SLUM-TV and will document the current situation in Kenya (Mathare-Slum) via the performance of texts written and blogged by local SLUM-TV members.