Vae Victis

Slavko Bogdanovic
Novi Sad, January 26th, 2008, 20:00 - 20:30

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Prologue: you are in darkness of a public room in novi sad, serbia. it is the beginning of what is called new millennium. IMAGINE a time line emerging marking origin and development of the law concepts of war, determining destiny of individuals, nowadays we call them civilians. IMAGINE you are looking into the maelstrom of humanity & civilization, detected by a plummet hanged on your mental thread, rolling off down into the depth of times immemorial, two key words you are looking for in the past: war & civilians [12 letters only]. IMAGINE you are in rome It is the year 390 BC, the future eternal city is conquered by the gallic victor brennus romans must deliver gold as set in terms of peace arrangement, they complain that gauls use excessive weights in measuring gold, then brennus added his sword among weights, exclaiming: VAE VICTIS.