Video archive

The video documentation of every concept presented at the Frankfurt, Munich and Graz edition is available for download now. The encoding, decoding and distribution of the video files is entirely based on open source technology. This is to guarantee true cross platform compatibility and a maximum of sustainability and accessibility rather than promoting proprietary video formats that run only on certain types of machines or operating systems.

We are aware that this may mean for some visitors first to install two pieces of open source software that might not be included in corporate operating systems such as microsoft windows (please complain to them and not to us ;). Don't worry, it is rather easy and painless if you follow the instructions below. In case you run into troubles don't hesitate to post a comment to this site (please note that - in order to post comments - you need to be registered as a user)!

1. Download

If you click on the link to "concepts" on the top of this site or choose one of the concepts displayed on the right sidebar, you will be transferred to a page that holds all entries to a certain concept. On the top of this list there is short summary displayed of the node that contains the video recording.

After you clicked on "download the video" you can choose between different download methods. In case you are not familiar with peer-to-peer networks the easiest may be to download the torrent file by clicking on the link "torrent".

If you have no torrent software installed yet, please do so following the instructions provided here:

BitTorrent is a small open source application that is available for download for free from here:BitTorrent Download Site.

We are also collecting some screenshots according to the most popular operating systems.

2. Playing

After you downloaded the video you may need a player that supports the open source video codec and container format OGG THEORA. Unfortunately this is not the case if you have only default versions of quicktime or windows media player running.

Don't panic, there are basically two alternative solutions to solve this problem:

We strongly recommend to install VLC media player, an open source video player that supports most video formats. It is a great piece of open source software and available for free for every operating system: VLC Download Site.

Alternatively you can install the following plugins to see the video in proprietary player software:

3. Streaming

In order to ease the access to the video recordings for those who are not able to proceed in the order described above we also do offer a playerless streaming version. Please note that this version is of drastically reduced quality since it is supposed to be just a preview solution. Make sure you have the latest java version installed on your computer and just click on the link: "streaming media version" displayed under the "Preview" section for each dictionary item.